Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit

Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit


We grow all our mushrooms to order to ensure maximum quality, yield and freshness.

Available for delivery to anywhere in the UK, collection available from Truro Farmers Market or our farm at no additional cost.

All of our kits come with a fruiting guarantee, please contact us if you have any issues or just send us a photograph and we would be happy to send a replacement.

Please contact us for deliveries abroad

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How does it work?

We create a growing medium (substrate) of coffee grounds, straw and sawdust, along with Oyster mushroom spawn (Mycelium). This then incubates on our farm for up to 4weeks before we send out to you.

Very simple to do just follow the below steps:

  • First job is to cut a hole in the box, then also in the bag and spray with water each day (twice a day)

  • You should have some yummy mushrooms within the first two weeks

  • Once you have harvested the mushrooms soak overnight and repeat for another couple of crops!